Melbourne Cup sparks calls for gambling reform

The new laws would extend the ban of credit cards for betting to include websites and gambling apps. New research has shed light on the link between gambling and suicide, after analysis of Coroner’s Court cases in Victoria. Advocates for gambling reform say it supports anecdotal evidence of what they’re seeing on the ground, and they’re calling for urgent action from state and federal governments. She was 18 years old and at a local club that had countless numbers of poker machines. “At this time in the late ’90s, NSW had rapidly become the pokies capital of Australia. It was something we would do socially with friends. But once it came on my radar, and I started using them and it quickly got out of hand,” Kate tells Mamamia. A rise in South Australians engaging in risky sports gambling has resulted in a state-first partnership between the Marshall Liberal Government and Adelaide United Football Club which is reminding fans the real reasons they love sport.

“Here For The Game has a focus on reaching young men, who are more likely to bet on sport and parents, who are the biggest influence on their children and their attitudes towards gambling. The Investment Plan 2021 to 2026 guides government spending of the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund and informs the use of regulatory and policy levers in the prevention and minimisation of gambling harm in South Australia. The Strategic Research Agenda encourages researchers to get involved in our efforts by providing funding for small research projects exploring ways to prevent and minimise gambling harm in South Australia.

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The majority of survey respondents (80%) reported they had never seen any messaging about keeping children safe around sports betting. The latest advertising campaign featuring the Adelaide Crows challenges the convergence of sport and gambling, promoting ways South Australians can help keep themselves safe from gambling harm. Here For The Game also seeks to create opportunities for parents to have conversations with their children about this topic, and provide helpful resources for anyone concerned about this issue. Due to tribal sovereignty, Natives have permission to open casinos in areas where gambling is not permitted.

  • We must, as we so successfully have done with tobacco ads, protect our children and those targeted by this pernicious industry.
  • BetStop – the National Self-Exclusion Register – is making a big difference to Australians at risk of experiencing online gambling harm, with almost 10,000 people registered since its launch in August 2023.
  • In order to facilitate research and promote public discussion of gambling issues, the Centre has compiled a Gambling Portal which provides access to gambling research and information.
  • “Meanwhile, the alcohol industry observed, and decided they didn’t want to go the way of the cigarette industry.
  • Governor Doug Ducey signed Arizona’s sports betting bill into law on April 15, 2021, and the state is closer than it has ever been to unleashing the anticipated wagering opportunities.

Online gambling and advertising is on the rise in Australia, with total gambling expenditure (losses) almost $25 billion in 2019 and expected to rise with the convenience of mobile electronic devices and online sports betting. More than 250 million dollars is spent each year on sports betting advertising in Australia by an estimated 77 companies and 140 websites – a scenario Cameron likens to “the wild west”. The week is designed to encourage community discussions about why gambling harm matters. Gambling can affect self-esteem, relationships, physical and mental health, work performance and social life for the person who gambles, along with their family, friends, workplaces and communities. Launched in time for United’s first home game of the season, the new Here For The Game campaign will be rolled out on TV, radio, online, social media and on-ground, outdoor advertising reinforcing the positive aspects of sport outside of gambling. Most adults (92%) believe it is important to speak to children about the risks involved in sports betting, but only one in five adults (20%) have done so and just over one third (37%) feel informed enough to have these conversations.

History of recession and gambling

He says Christians should be extremely wary of an industry this “calculated”, “predatory”, “dangerous” and “harmful to individuals, families and communities”. Ultimately, Wackett notes, a stand against predatory practices is a stand against spiritual powers and principalities with dark intentions. With new technologies such as smartphones and betting apps, a liberalised regulatory environment, clever marketing and increasing social normalisation, gambling is more accessible than ever. Online gambling and gambling harm are the subject of a current parliamentary inquiry, which is reviewing existing consumer protections and gambling regulations and has already implemented harsher advertising warnings.

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The portal is composed of the a gambling database, important dates in respect of gambling in South Australia, a list of reports and related materials. New research undertaken by Federation University in collaboration with the Coroners Court of Victoria, examined the Victorian Suicide Register which revealed at least 184 suicides were directly related to gambling. There were another 17 gambling-attributed suicides by “affected others” such as family members. DHS is proud to announce it has partnered with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to pilot an accreditation program for amateur sports club. The Office for Problem Gambling (OPG) believes the Crows’ backing will considerably boost the positive Here For The Game messaging and have a far-reaching impact on young people and kids.

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Gambling disorder is defined based partially on a loss of control over one’s gambling including repeated attempts to cutback and quit gambling but an inability to do so despite severe negative consequences across a range of important areas. The need for external assistance to reduce gambling for some people is the basis of mandated self-exclusion programs, which block those who enrol from gambling, and are demonstrated to be effective in reducing gambling harms. A forced break in gambling may help people recognise their problems and have some time and space to deal with these. To find out if this is good news for people with problem gambling behaviours or a warning sign for a spike in gambling related problems to come, we have launched a national survey on betting behaviour during and following COVID-19 venue shut-downs. The online survey is open to anyone who has placed a bet or gambled in the past, and will track activity in the coming months.

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There are times in public policy when even the most practised suppression of the ethical gag reflex is tested to its outer limits. On Tuesday, the ethical stench surrounding the NSW Minns government’s position on poker machines had many reaching for the Buscopan Forte to cope with the nausea. “Gambling costs aren’t just measured in dollars; there are also family impacts including time away from loved ones, impacts on physical and mental health, and community impacts,” lamented David Harris, the NSW minister for gaming and racing. The survey also revealed overwhelmingly negative sentiment toward the advertising and promotion of sports betting across the community. South Australians are concerned by how much sports betting advertising children are exposed to (78%), believe advertising makes children think betting on sport is normal (84%), and encourages children to want to gamble (76%). “Australians are socially isolated; many are in financial hardship and there are high levels of distress.

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“Essentially, making correct AFL selections, and winning money are not the same thing – a distinction that many AFL betting fans may not appreciate. “We argue that by using their knowledge, AFL punters may pick more correct games than chance and this keeps them gambling – despite losing money over the long term. “We compared expert AFL tipsters against a random number generator across 6 years of AFL games – around 1200 games and 4500 individual $2 ‘mock’ wagers using the closing betting odds for each game,” says Dr Riley, who worked with psychiatrists on the latest research. Jockeys will soon have access to an online platform that will support their mental health. Victorian Minister for Racing Anthony Carbines has announced the platform, which is being jointly funded by the Government’s Victorian Racing Industry Fund and Racing Victoria.

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At the beginning of April, the industry-leading compliance specialist company acquired a father and son based brand called BetProtect in order to combat gambling addictions, while also maintaining ties with the duo founders. “However, when looking only at the wins, the random picks had a greater monetary gain on average than the tipping experts. Irrational beliefs, such as the ability to control the outcome of the game, have long been considered an important factor in why some gamblers continue to play despite repeated losses. Find out what’s happening in our Love the Game Sporting Club Program from our quarterly eNewsletter. We cover events, campaigns, news and updates from our grassroots and elite sporting club members. This Gambling Harm Awareness Week (16 to 22 October 2023), Canberrans are encouraged to understand the nature of gambling products and to know the signs of gambling harm.

You will receive a card for every gift donated, which you can share with loved ones— a powerful way to encourage them to pray for the unreached, the persecuted, and most vulnerable. In the meantime, today’s Melbourne Cup may be an opportunity for Christians to have (gracious) conversations about the evils of preying on the vulnerable. In the process, Wackett hopes there will be opportunities to share about the hope we have in Jesus. Christians should be extremely wary of an industry this “calculated”, “predatory”, “dangerous” and “harmful”. “There is nothing more important than having a support network and we as a Bank are included in this network.

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This process involves a great amount of detail, and each form of sports betting will come with its own set of rules for the operators, as well as players. And just in time for Super Bowl, the Department of Gaming released the final rules on mobile Fantasy Sports betting. There is some evidence that Australians are similarly now turning to gambling during the shutdown. A database tracking Australian consumption patterns found spending on online gambling was 71% higher than normal in April.

The University of Sydney Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic is still open and clinicians are seeing clients using videoconferencing. However intake from new clients is declining and calls to the national gambling telephone helpline are down 50%. Not necessarily, and it may even lead winning tipsters towards a pathway to problem gambling, warns Dr Ben Riley, a gambling therapy expert at Flinders University’s College of Medicine and Public Health and South Australia’s Statewide Gambling Therapy Service. The Murdoch family’s media empire is no longer a shareholder in the wagering group run by wealthy bookmaker Matthew Tripp, the company has confirmed. It’s that time of the year again, when Macquarie Capital’s quants redirect their PhDs from financial markets to picking the winning horse in the Melbourne Cup.


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